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  maintain the eyebrows between appointments
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 Best of Big D article 2014
 Nouvelle Beauté by Laura the Brow Queen offers a slew of eyelash services from tinting, dying, and perming your natural ones to filling them out with extensions.
Big D articl
e 2012:
Egyptian-born supercilium specialist Laura Khalil makes it her mission to create the most beautiful perfect eyebrow arches in the city. She carefully studies each client’s facial structure to ascertain exactly how brows will look best, and then she goes to work. She lives by the credo that brows should look natural and frame the eyes so as to enhance them, not overshadow them. With a combination of waxing and tweezing, Khalil can tame even the most unruly eyebrows.

Big D article 2011:
Laura Khalil, aka Laura the Brow Queen, is so obsessed with flawless eyebrows that on your first visit she’ll snap a “before” photo in order to make a critical comparison when the transformation is complete. Khalil believes that perfect eyebrows should enhance a face, not distract from it, and she knows exactly what it will take to create the perfect balance. She can solve just about any brow conundrum, even over tweezing. It may take some time, but, eventually, you’ll have brows fit for royalty.

Biography / Brows / Photos                  

                                  Dallas Health & Beauty Examiner          Mrs. North Texas 2010


          Don't get permanent makeup - BAD IDEA - LEARN MORE


            Introducing A New Service
         Removing eyebrow permanent makeup

   Dark gray permanent makeup color   Permanent makeup is no longer visible

                  Eyebrow lift or forehead lift surgery gone bad
                   One brow way higher than the other



                           Laura also offers other great services
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                                                                     Please click on the photos

                                 Big deep follicle hole on skin              closing the hole on skin  right after treatment

                                       My story about bad habit skin scratching
                                                   Look at me now!! My testimonial!


                                                                        3 months after

My name is Laurie, I first met Laura in February 2013. My sister had been going to Laura for her eyebrows and made them look beautiful before her wedding day. I had been struggling with problems with my face and my sister told me that Laura could help me. I always had the most beautiful skin growing up. In my 20's my face would break out and I would tend to pick at my blemishes. From years of this, my face had developed generalized redness and scars. On my first appointment with Laura, she made me feel very comfortable and assured me that she could get my face cleared up and looking like my normal self again. She helped me to get the haircut that would allow my face to be covered while I was undergoing my treatments. This haircut for me was getting thick bangs to cover the redness on my forehead. Laura gave me a facial on my first appointment and gave me a strict routine to follow of using all of her products daily. She gave me her Nouvelle Beaute Natural skin care products and they are amazing. I would highly recommend them to everyone. I wrote them down and followed them consistently for 2 months. After 2 months I went back to her and could already see a dramatic difference in my face. The redness was gone and we are only working on a few more spots that are still noticeable now. I have gone from wearing a lot of makeup to cover all of my blemishes up to only wearing light powder that I bought from Laura. I have received many compliments on how great my face looks now and am looking forward to my future treatments to help me to get back to my old skin again. Laura has been so encouraging for me and has been a cheerleader for me through this all. She never judges your situation, she only wants to help. She has a huge heart- a heart of gold and only wants what is best for her clients! She treats every client the same and that's what I really love!Thank you, Laura for all of your help.


        Cassie Wild's Story  -  big giant bloody growth on nose
I'm 26 now and what started as a tiny freckle on the side of my nose when I was 8 grew and grew into a huge chickpea sized mole 1/2 inch round. It kept me from being able to wear my glasses, see properly out of my eye and not to mention whittled away at my self esteem throughout the years. I tried to get it removed many times since I was 16 and I was always told 'No'. 'It's too dangerous'. 'The scar will be worse'. 'Sorry I won't or can't help you'. My final hope, a plastic surgeon that specialized in mole removal, after seeing my pictures told me he wouldn't do it either, I needed to go to a reconstructive plastic surgeon, and it would only cost me $2000 with insurance. Needless to say, I was very sad and completely about to give up and just learn to live with it.

That's when I found Laura's website. I looked at the pictures and read about other stories and hope began to flicker again. It was awesome to have hope again and so soon. I was a little trepidatious at first because I had no idea what the procedure entailed, if it would hurt or even if it would work. When I met with her she was nervous to take on my mole because of its size and location but her mothering and caring personality just could not watch me walk away with such sadness about yet again not being able to remove this thing that had been an ugly black cloud hanging over me. She put me at ease immediately and the procedure itself was pretty painless, very quick and so so affordable. 

 In one thirty minute session I was done with round one, I had really been nervous for nothing. As the days passed I began to notice changes. The mole was drying out and detaching and healthy flat skin was forming beneath it. I was a total mess but in such a good way. I cried tears of utter joy for 3 days. I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to send Laura my progress photos! In a total of 3 weeks, still only having had that one 30 minute session, my mole was GONE. All that was left was a little pink flat scar which is already fading! Family and friends couldn't believe the transformation. I felt an even larger transformation in myself. I was smiling more, I stopped wearing my bangs down in my face to try and hide my mole. I stopped avoiding eye contact and my self confidence had sky rocketed. I got my hair done, started dressing up and wearing heels again!

After 3 weeks, I went back and got 3 more small moles taken care of in a little less than 30 minutes and know the results will be just as amazing. I have recommended her to anyone and everyone! I just know if you have any kind of skin ailment that makes you uncomfortable or self conscience you really should let Laura take care of you. She is an amazing person and does amazing work and because of her I am happier than I have been in so long. I feel like for the first time in many years people are actually seeing me and not the big ugly growth that was planted on the side of my face!

Thank you Laura!! 
                                            Cassie Wild

     1/2 inch diameter skin growth     Tiny pink flat scar will fade within few weeks
                                               FEW MONTHS AFTER
                                                 Mole removal on nose
      After one mole removal treatment - Click on photos for more details

                                   HAIR PULLING a.k.a., TRICHOTILLOMANIA

I will dedicate this section to Thrichotillomania sufferers who pull their eyelashes and eyebrows. 


  Treatment: Lash & Brow Conditioner
  Makeup: The Wonder Brows
Pulling out eyebrows

, which is classified as an impulse control disorder by DSM-IV, is the compulsive urge to pull out one's own eyebrows hair leading to noticeable hair loss, distress, and social or functional impairment. It is often chronic and difficult to treat.  Read more

  Treatment: Lash and Brow Conditioner

Pulling out eyelashes

Trichotillomania suffers are blighted by uncontrollable urges to pluck the hair of the scalp and even eyebrows and lashes, often to the point of baldness.   Read more.

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                        Spider veins on legs                           Right after one treatment

                   Ingrown coarse chin hair - electrolysis treatment


                                                      Big bloody mole             flat-one treatment

                         moles-skin tags                     beauty mentor                          custom sunless 
                               cherry angiomas             cosmetology continuing             spray tanning       
                                                     spider veins                            education


      oxygen facials                     hydrating facials                microdermabrasion               skin resurfacing
                                                     acne facials                                               
                    skin needling

                                             It is all about the EYES!
                                                            Eyelash extensions                    
         lash and brow tinting              eyelash perming - brow and lash tint to create perfect eyebrows       
      Brazilian waxing                 eyebrow extensions       Sebaceous hyperplasia         after treatment
     Client needed eyebrow extensions also used eyebrow growth serum - Lash and Brow Conditioner 



         Thinning Eyebrows is a "CRIME" I WILL NOT COMMIT!!

When it comes to
brow shaping in Dallas her        clients refer to Laurance  (Laura) Khalil as Laura the Brow Queen.  Laura, the best brow shaper in Dallas, TX. That title is one she earned during her employment at the Estee' Lauder spa in Neiman Marcus' North Park mall. There she began to build the loyal clientele whose word-of-mouth recommendations have made her one of the most sought-after and trusted esthetician in brow shaping and brow wax in Dallas, Texas. Laura is best known for her skillful work with brow shaping, because the brows form a frame for the eyes. She knows that the perfect arch - perfect eyebrows are an ideal way of highlighting this most important feature of a woman's face, at any age. 

Laura The Brow Queen-The Eyebrow expert, eyebrow shaper, expertly uses both wax and tweezers to achieve the ideal effect in brow shaping.  On a first visit, Laura will study the client's facial structure and analyze exactly how to achieve that perfect arch - perfect eyebrows. She never over-waxes or over-tweezes, but with great care she meticulously shapes the brow for a natural, elegant arch according to each client's facial structure. "I'll take what 
God gave you and use it for
the best  arching without thinning your brows," Laura says.
She has always preferred well-groomed thick brows to those thin over-plucked ones.  On subsequent visits, Laura The Eyebrow shaper, eyebrow pro grooms and maintains the eyebrow arch. With regular maintenance appointments, the client's eye brows need never lose their perfect eye brows new shape. 

Have you perhaps over-tweezed your eyebrows into skimpy arches? Did your last brow stylist remove too much of your eyebrows with careless waxing? Don't give up hope. Laura the brow queen will work with you to repair and disguise any damage done by previous over-waxing or over-tweezing. Enhancing each woman's health and unique beauty is Laurance's passion. She truly cares about her clients' health and well-being.  She wants every one of them to feel more confident and more beautiful after their appointments with her.   For this reasons, clients called her "Laura The Brow Queen," for giving best brow shaping in Dallas, TX. 

She sees it as her mission to help women find new beauty and be the very best they can be. "I wake up every morning, just thinking about it," she says.

"The Brow Queen" grew up in Cairo Egypt, in a Christian family. She was the daughter of Rofail Hanna, better known as the musician "Rafla," famed player of the Egyptian santoor, a stringed instrument. Thus, beauty and harmony were always a part of her life, from her earliest memories. Earlier in her life, Laura's career was in the banking industry. She is married and is the mother of two sons, with whom she stayed home for a few years while they were young. However in her 40s, with her children grown up, Laura yearned for a new challenge, a new career. She became a licensed cosmetologist and began working as an esthetician, performing spa services and beauty treatments, and of course eyebrow wax.

   Mom & 2 daughters after brow shaping for all              Mama and daughter visit to Laura for brows

                                                       Gift Someone A Pair of Gorgeous Eye Brows!

                A Merry Christmas eyebrows wax - eyebrow shaping gift to 4 beautiful sisters - from Tyler TX

          2 beautiful friends  - after perfect brow shaping  - Ennis TX   -Used  Nouvelle Beauté brow pencil 

                                          Eyebrows Before and After Photos           
                                             Before                                                     3-4 months after
   Thin over-plucked eyebrows after eyebrow Nouvelle Beauté
growth conditioner/treatment
  Use the brow conditioner if:
 1- You over tweezed, waxed.
 2- Your brows have empty spots or gabs.
 3- Your brows are thin naturally, short, not dense nor
 The Nouvelle Beaute lash and brow conditioner will stimulate growth to dormant hairs, and make the existent hairs thicker and longer so can be used to cover the gaps. 

After a long struggle to regrow her brows' hairs, she used Nouvelle Beauté Lash and Brow conditioner, which is lash growth serum and brow growth serum.  The Lash and brow treatment improved the appearance of natural brows, fullness and thickness.

Laura most certainly lives up to her name. I gave her a try after coming across her online site , and while I admit that I was quite nervous due to a personal tweezing mishap from years ago, Laura immediately put me at ease with her friendly, nurturing personality. I felt like she truly cared about my wishes and needs as her client, and I was amazed by the results. The growing-out process was worth the wait--Laura transformed my sparse, over-tweezed brows, and I frequently receive compliments on them.

Carrie K.




                        Before eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tinting - very blond brows

            after eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tinting, and using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil
                                          Amazing - looking natural - Looking pretty good!!

            eyebrows previously done at nail shops and threading salons -- BAD IDEA


                        AFTER eyebrow shaping, tinting, using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil
                                   In progress of growing her eyebrow back by using
Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow conditioner



                                      pushy brows                                                     after brows shaping and design

                                Droopy eyebrows                                  After; giving perfect eyebrows lift without the surgery!

                    The main key for beauty is to look natural!!

         Before eyebrow shaping                                      After shaping, using Nouvelle beaute eyebrow primer
Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil
 Shaping her eyebrows correctly and using perfect eyebrow products made her look a few years younger!!  Looks So natural, no one can tell she has make up on.
                              Perfect eyebrows change your face entirely!!

                     before eyebrow shaping                        after eyebrow shaping and desig, using Nouvelle beaute
                                                                                                                       eyebrow pencil 


                     From dull eyebrows to WOW BROWS - using eye brow serum - eyebrow tinting

Laura is truly a miracle worker! I found Laura when I came across her website in February 2012. I had 5 months until my wedding day and was not pleased with the appearance of my eyebrows. I had gotten them waxed at a nail salon for many years and then started going to get them threaded. Getting them threaded took the people about 5 minutes for each client and was run like a factory.  Needless to say, my eyebrows became gradually more and more thin every time I would go in.

When I first met Laura she put me at ease with my eyebrow condition.  She was very upfront and told me we did not have a lot of time before my big wedding day to grow and shape them as I had lost about 1/3 of my eyebrows from getting them threaded.  She had me use the Nouvelle Beauté Lash & Brow Conditioner two times through. She also gave me an eyebrow pencil to use to fill in the spaces where hair had not grown in yet. The brow pencil immediately made me realize how much hair I had lost and how much I needed to grow back. She was so positive that she could help me and so confident. She told me not to touch or pluck or any of my hair on my own. I did exactly what she said and within two months I could see an amazing difference.

My eye brows were much thicker and were getting an awesome shape to them. I was so pleased and this transformation was right before my bridal portraits. By July, my wedding month, I had grown back the 1/3 of hair that I had lost and my eyebrows were perfect for my wedding day. I was so pleased. Laura did eyebrow tint and eyebrow shaping - eyebrow wax for me.  Laura cares about all of her clients and takes the time to make sure you look and feel beautiful.  I am blessed to have found Laura. She is truly the best and I am so thankful for her and her God-given talent. i consider Laura the Brow Queen is the Best eyebrow shaper in Dallas. 

                                      before and after eyebrows shaping / eyebrow waxing 

                                                                             14 year old

            Before  eyebrows waxing and shaping                                             After brow wax


                                         Unruly eyebrows - uneven eyebrows before eyebrows waxing
 after eyebrow waxing and eyebrows shaping - using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil to create the perfect eyebrows.


         Pushy eyebrows - uneven eyebrows   -         Gorgeous brows  after brow waxing, using Nouvell beaute
brow pencil

    droopy eye brows before eyebrow shaping   after eye brow shaping and waxing by Laura the Brow Queen
                                         and using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil          
     Uneven and bushy eye brows before eyebrow wax                             After eyebrows waxing
                                        after brow shaping and using Nouvelle Beaute' brow pencil

                                                               Before eyebrows shaping and wax
     after eyebrow shaping by Laura the Brow Queen - Using waterproof eyebrow pencil

                            Unruly thick brows                                         after eyebrow shaping waxing- beautiful         

                                                          Beautiful brows and smile - after shaping


                                                                                Before shaping
                                            After shaping and using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil

                      Droopy looking brows             Creating Instant eyebrow lift  -  after shaping, using eyebrow pencil

   14 year old - Unruly brows, over tweezed brows       after shaping and using Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil

                                      over-plucked brows                     just few weeks later - still growing      
                 Using Nouvelle Beauté Lash and Brow Conditioner            

              Brows before & after shaping and using Lash and Brow Conditioner Wonder Brows 

              Brows before & after shaping and using Lash and Brow Conditioner Wonder Brows



                            TRICHOTILLOMANIA-Pulling out hairs                  after shaping and using the Wonder Brow Kit


                            Gift Someone A Pair of Gorgeous Brows                     
                                                                   Beautifully shaped brows

I have always had a difficult time finding someone who knows how to shape my brows. I have very dark, thick eyebrows that stand out and what Laura did with them was amazing. When Laura shapes your brows you really get to see their full potential and I always get comments on how nice they look.

Kayla S.


   14 year-old brows shaping and tinting                          After eyebrow tint and shaping        
                        Before shaping                                                                    after   
           Mrs, North Texas 2010 - Kristi Engstrom
Brow before  Brow    after shaping and using        Before eyebrow shaping    After- and using 
            Laura's signature "wonderbrow" line to         Nouvelle Beauté brow pencil
                    create perfect gorgeous brow. 


Laura is true professional when it comes to brow shaping. She continues to keep my daughter's eyebrows looking beautiful. Laura truly has a talent when it comes to eyebrow shaping. She is the BEST person in big D to do your eyebrows. She always does a great job the first time and will always make sure my daughter is always satisfied prior to us leaving her office. One of the salon personnel recommended Laura and my daughter has been going to her ever since.

Rose R.

                                               Eyebrow lightening,  eyebrow tint - softer look
before brow lightening          after brow tint        before eyebrow lightening         after eyebrow tint

Years ago, I started going to Laura for eyebrow shaping, later adding facials and skincare that got my complexion into great condition. A couple of years ago, I finally tried her eyelash perms and found out that I loved them; now I get them twice a year. Most recently, I tried out leg and bikini waxing, which I was nervous about, but Laura put me at ease and I was very happy with the results.  Next I plan to try out electrolysis, because I know Laura's expertise is entirely reliable.  I would absolutely recommend her work to anyone looking for reasonably priced, skillful, professional beauty treatments.

Joyce H.

Thick, droopy and unruly before brow shaping       after brow waxing and using Nouvelle Beaute 
                                                                                                         eyebrow pencil

                                    The Wonder Brow kit Works Wonders!
Before and after shaping, using Nouvelle Beauté The Wonder Brow and the Lash and Brow Conditioner treatment for a full brow look.


Over-plucked brows  - Thanks to Laura's Wonder Brow kit - eyebrow makeup
                                                 with waterproof eyebrow pencil
                                                 Treatment! Simply Beautiful!

    Light blonde brows lashes  after shaping brow tinting lash tint - using Nouvelle Beaute brow pencil

  Flat (cone shape) brows done by threading salons    after shaping and using eyebrow pencil

               thick unruly brows                               arched beautiful brows
                            photo before eyebrow shaping                 after eyebrow shaping and using Nouvelle
                                                                         Beaute' eyebrow primer and 
right brow after                         Before                  left brow before waxing      after waxing 
                          Droopy eyebrows                              Lifted perfect eyebrows after eyebrows waxing


Faded light blonde eyebrows and eyelashes   after   lash and brow tint - brow shaping - using
                                water proof eyebrow kit from the best eyebrow makeup kit

                     eleven-year old before brow and lash tint                         after
                                      Brow tinting/tint is the answer for most blond women
           brows and lashes before shaping & tinting     brows and lashes after shaping & tinting

                                          Lash and brow tinting will make you look much younger

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