All About The Brows - Best Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows Shaping & Design - Eyebrow Waxing


 Brows form a frame for the eyes. Laura knows that the perfect arch - perfect eyebrows are an ideal way of highlighting this most important feature of a woman's face, at any age. I use waxing and tweezing methods to create the best eyebrow shaping in Dallas,TX.

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Eyebrow Tinting/dye-Brow Filler/Tint


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying Custom dye/color to the eyebrow hairs to enhance, shape, and define your brows - Lasts up-to 5 weeks

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Eyebrow Tint - Microblading - Eyebrow Shadow


Eyebrow tinting - microblading eyebrows is the process of applying Custom semi-permanent ink/color to enhance, shape, and define your brows - Lasts up-to 3 years or even more.

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 I don't recommend threading eyebrows in Dallas, which it does carry health risks, including the potential spread of the herpes virus and staph infections through dirty threads, the technician saliva, and broken skin.  The threading technicians use their mouths to hold the threads, so the potential of. “The consumer needs to be aware that there is a risk with threading because the interaction with  Also, people that perform threading are not licensed.  

Eyebrows Microblading Removal


The removal of Microblading should be easier than permanent makeup removal, but depends on the color and how deep into the skin. It is very essential to find an artist for microblading eyebrows, and for best eyebrow shaping in Dallas Tx.

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Best Eyebrow Pencil-Make-up On Sale $25


Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Pencil with Angle Brush, Brushed Aluminum, Retractable, Refillable.  The Best waterproof eyebrow pencil.  Nouvelle Beauté is the top and the best eyebrow pencil in the market. 

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Eyebrows Regrowth Serum - On Sale $69.


Nouvelle Beauté Brow Conditioner cosmetics .  Best Brow Growth - Thickening Stimulator / Serum is an intensive clear gel conditioning treatment for the hair shaft/ follicle for day and night. The clear lightweight follicle nutrient serum/gel promotes and stimulates healthier-thicker lashes and brows hairs to grow back. I recommend it before and after microblading eyebrows

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