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Classes Offered:

The art of brow shaping & design

Eyebrow & eyelash tinting

Facial techniques

Eyelash perm 

Electrolysis - Permanent hair removal

Mole, skin tags, cherry angioma, spider veins removal and more

Micro-blading, Micro-Needling

Electrology classes for non-licensed and licensed practitioners

 Licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, or students attending beauty schools and non-license. Best Advanced Private Beauty training / cosmetology classes and Professional Beauty Mentor In Dallas, Texas

One-on-One Hands-On Advanced add on services Training Dallas, TX location
No confusing DVD training to watch! No group workshops

Come and join other students and learn new and innovating skills

Thank you Laura for taking time to teach me how to do electrolysis.

I drove from Jackson, Mississippi to Dallas to take the one day class on electrolysis. I came in a little nervous but Laura made me feel comfortable and by the end of the day I knew everything I needed to know. She told me the secrets to her success that she’s learned over the years, showed me her techniques and let me practice all long as it took to make sure i was confident with the machine. I felt like she was sincere in wanting me to succeed. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Tamara Cowart

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy weekend to teach the class on electrolysis! The class was very educational and encompassed the things I feel were important, including the proper use of the machine and how to ensure client safety!  It helped me to understand the way in which hair grows and what it takes to have it removed. I didn't realize the specifics on how hair grows and that it the way hair grows can be different from individual to individual. Also thank you for allowing us to practice our skills on one another; the simulation really helped us understand what the client experiences! I very much enjoyed the class.
Debbie Williams

"The Electrology training I received from Laura has me feeling confident and prepared to begin my career as an electrologist. Her thorough explanation of the machine and its functions gave me confidence in my knowledge of the particular settings per client.  Laura ensured that each student experienced hands on training in each area of the body on which we would be working as well as the opportunity to be the client ourselves so that we could understand how the procedure feels. I am excited about my future in electrology as Laura's training has prepared me for a successful career in this field."

Kelli Davenport

Hallsville, TX

I, Kim Bynum love the fact that I can help you wake up beautiful every morning.  Electrolysis is the way to do it. Unwanted hair can make us feel not so pretty. Trained by the best Laura Khalil aka Laura the brow queen. Voted best in Dallas. I received electrolysis one on one training. Best of cosmetology continuing education classes, and for me aesthetician continuing education classes Laura stayed with me in the electrolysis from beginning to end of each client, making sure I was trained well.  An honor to be electrolysis trained by the best in Dallas.  I  strives for perfection, with Laura's help and after esthetics continuing education classes, electrolysis hair removal I achieved it.  Your self esteem is important to her.  See your transformation from beginning to end with photos every step of the way. So if you have moles..gone..skin tags...gone..cherry angiomas and spider veins...gone...unwanted hair..gone permanently.

What were my expectations of the class?

When I decided to take Laura’s class I expected to gain training from an industry expert. I expected to learn the necessary methods to be successful in this business. She met and exceeded my expectations. Laura was exceptionally informative; she not only taught me technique but gave me knowledge to further expand my business sense that cannot be written in a textbook.  Her teaching system includes knowledge sharing and practicum, which becomes applicable in the early stages of training in contrast to other programs. Her system is designed to propel one to success with the standards, goals and expectations she places upon her students. With Laura’s teaching of professionalism, accountability, and client satisfaction coupled with  high-level technical skills; I am now confident in performing such services as cherry angiomas, skin tags, moles and of course hair removal. I am truly grateful for having such an awesome instructor such as Laura the Brow Queen.

Julie James

Laura’s one-on-one hands on training classes exceeded my expectations.  Laura has developed such a trusting relationship with her clients that they were all zealous to participate with my Eye Brow/Eyelash Tinting class and Eyelash Perming training sessions.  My experience with Laura was very educational and thorough.  She stressed confidence, no short cuts, promptness, accuracy, and mostly, building a relationship with her clients and making sure they are comfortable.  The step by step training session left me with knowledgeable notes and only a few questions to ask. 

I hope to continue a successful working relationship with Laura, as well as take more of her very informative classes.  I am looking forward to learning more about her skin products, Nouvelle Beaute'.

Kimberly Reed 

My objectives for the bikini waxing class:
* Get better at waxing to pass my employer's qualifier perform waxing.
* Build confidence in bikini waxing skills.
* Build my clientele in bikini waxing.   

First of all, Laura was talented enough to customize her Brazilian class to a half-Brazilian which is what I am working to qualify for.  I was able to experience for myself her half-Brazilian and then practice this on several models she had lined up for me.  This was exactly what I needed and I was fortunate to find her. The one-on-one attention was marvelous.  I had acquired many bad habits from other trainings that I had previously taken but Laura's training is the best cosmetology schools,  stayed on top of me the entire day to help me hone my technique.  By the end of the training, I felt more confident and was ready to attempt my newly acquired skills at work.  I have a stronger interest in performing this service instead of the "oh no a bikini wax" attitude I used to have.  California has year round bikini weather and I know I can benefit by the skills I have acquired from Laura’s class.  

 Julie Blevins

The training I received from Laura was so remarkable it left me with a profound and unforgettable impression of her, the business skills she instilled in me and the professionalism that is significant for the success of my future endeavors.  Laura offers her training one-on-one basis and this is the best  beauty schools in Dallas TX  When I started the electrolysis training I was somewhat nervous, but the tools and tricks of the trade that she taught me ma. de me confident in my work and ready to hit the ground running.  I can’t explain how much this electrolysis training has made me into a new and better person and I have yet to even start my electrolysis business, but knowing that I can help other women feel beautiful and more confident in themselves by helping to eliminate the unwanted hairs permanently brings  me personal gratification.  Laura gave me the training I needed in electrolysis hair removal and considered one of the best beauty school in Dallas TX.

I will never forget Laura the brow queen because beside my electrolysis class,I plan on taking more and more classes to build my working knowledge, expand my capabilities and a improve my business sense. Thank you for the beginning of my new and improved future.

Castalia Ibarguen - Houston, TX

 Please read the following!

Ok, so you have made a wonderful decision to attend cosmetology school, either for a complete cosmetology license or for an esthetician license.  You are either still at school or you have already completed the program. You thought they would teach you everything you need to know about being a cosmetologist or an esthetician. Well, NOT EXACTLY!

Beauty school exists primarily to teach the student the basic information needed to pass the state exam and get licensed. The test has nothing to do with your talent or skills.  The test primarily covers state board rules and regulations, sanitation practices, and ability to perform a few selected services.  This is not much information to get you started in a business with a very competitive market.  While in school you must practice, practice, practice even though it tends to get boring and you’ll want to learn more than they are probably going to teach you.

So now you are out of school with only basic information and you find yourself getting lost in the crowd. Finding an experienced beauty professional mentor is an excellent idea so that when you graduate, you'll have someone to help you with more advanced esthetics skills and techniques. This question is on the minds of more than one entrepreneur.  How do you create visibility? Most importantly, you need to be a polished professional. That's why Laura The Brow Queen is here to help!

You can earn a very decent living while working in Cosmetology or Facial/Esthetics and it can be a very rewarding career.

Laura's Past Experience

After graduation from Texas cosmetology schools with only limited knowledge, Laura was unable to find a satisfying job. Therefore, she understands how frustrating it is to graduate without being able to find a job.  With no one to help, Laura struggled to get to the position she now holds.

"I struggled for a long time to find someone to give me a chance and hire me out of school.  I almost quit after a few months of trying to find a job with my license. I was actually not planning to renew my license after 2 years of graduation.  JC Penney finally hired me for minimum wage and it was the best I could find.  I decided to do my best and "standing out from the crowd" was a priority.  Being an "average" person was not an option. "Excellence" was my goal."  Laura said.

At first, Laura used to dwell day and night on how she could improve her services, more specifically, brow shaping, for her clients.  Within a few months of working at JC Penney, she began to be noticed by co-workers and clients.

Shortly after, Laura began working at Estee' Lauder Spa at Neiman Marcus. Within 3-4 months, she earned an illustrious reputation among many people including other employees and clients. Her clients called her "The Queen Of Brows"  for her amazing art work on brows, and "The Queen of Wax" due to her fast services, especially in bikini waxing, which Laura usually completes in 1/4 the time an average esthetician takes.

Laura was extremely ambitious and wanted to run her own business in which she can offer more services. To be able to successfully manage her own business, she needed to learn and train on more services and that is exactly what she did!

Laura paid a significant amount of money for workshops, unfortunately, she did not receive the training that was promised. "I didn't master these services at the group workshops.  I didn't get to work on any models but less than 30 minutes, I JUST WATCHED."  Laura said. Therefore, she had to work and practice on her family, friends, and anyone else she could find that was willing to be "Guinea-pig" of her mistakes "I wish I could have found someone to individually train me and give me undivided attention to show me everything that I needed to know to master these services. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time trying to figure out the ins and outs of each service.  

With today's technology, Laura knew she would be able to get much needed visibility, especially to the women who were potentially interested in the many and exciting services that Laura offered.

Laura believed a website would leave her with the best opportunity for visibility, but with an outrageous price of a $5500 initial charge NOT including a domain name or hosting PLUS an additional $150 for every update left Laura a bit disappointed. Hiring someone who could build, maintain, and update a website was certainly out of the question. She worked day and night and was determined to learn the skills needed to build a website. It took Laura 8 months to complete and publish her website. Now, with two very successful websites, Laura is working on the third and enjoying a fulfilling career with much more visibility.

With very loyal clientele, a few of the best beauty magazine endorsements, and her websites ranking # 1 in Google and Yahoo and other popular search engines, Laura has had a satisfying career and is ready to convey her experiences to other licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.

" My goal is to help others achieve definite faster success without the struggle that I went through." Laura said.

Laura had about 20 students in her cosmetology class in Dallas TX, many of which quit the business after 2 years of graduating. They were lacking the skills and experience needed  to compete with competition.
It is not only the skills that one needs to stand out from the crowd, but also a personal and business sense.  You have to have the personality and skills to be the best.
With Laura's advanced beauty services training, she will address all these issues and help you step by step to be successful entrepreneur.
With each beauty service class, you get hours of in depth and step by step instruction on advanced techniques.  This cosmetology services training classes will help prepare you to set up your own practice and work in the aesthetics industry.

                Beauty & Electrology Private Training and School  Q & A

Q.  What are the beauty and cosmetology classes that Laura the beauty trainer offers?
A.  The classes are:
* Facial massage techniques.

* Microdermabrasion, chemical peels
* Permanent hair removal school "Electrolysis".  
Moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, blood leaks, broken capillaries and telangiectasia removal.

Q.  Will I earn any license for any of these beauty training?
A.  No! Laura the beauty trainer, will teach you the skills and advanced techniques that prepare you to be competitive in a very demanding industry. This is NOT a workshop in which many students surround a model while an instructor performs the services. This is a "One-On-One", "Hands On" Practice and Training.

Q.  Who will provide the materials and the models?
A.  Laura will provide the materials.   Students must bring their own models.

Q.  Can I bring anyone of my family or friends to be a model?
A.  Yes! Of course, but let Laura know first.

Q.  I am not able to remember/never learned some of the services provided. Will that be a problem?
A.  Laura will be directing and monitoring the procedures the entire time.  Relax! All you need to worry about is learning and enhancing your skills!

Q.  Do I have to be a licensed cosmetologist to be able to take these classes?
A.  Yes!  To be able to work and serve the public, you have to be a licensed cosmetologist by the state. But everyone is welcome to learn for their ownpleasure.  These private classes are intended to improve your own skills if you are already in the beauty industry or just completed the cosmetology school..

Q.  When will I be able to attend the training/school?
A.  It is one-on-one classes, so we determine the time based on our available time.

Q.  When should I register and pay for the classes?
A.  The last day for registration is 21 days prior to the class day. Registration fee is $85, non-refundable.  Full payment for the class is due14 days prior to the class.

Q.  When is last day to drop the class with a full refund?
A.  You can drop or postpone the class 14 days prior to the start of the class with a full refund. Should a student cancel or reschedule a class with less than 7 days , there will
be $250 cancellation fee will apply.  Refund will not be given to a student that do not contact Laura on timely manner.

This is the best beauty cosmetology / esthetic classes - training investment you'll ever make for your career.  Investing in one's own career through new learning not only pays the high lifetime dividends, it is about all one can do in turbulent times

Eyebrow Shaping and Arching Training
The secret of sculpting a beautifully shaped eyebrow has earned Laura The Brow Queen her title.  Knowing how to master this service is a challenge! There is no individual has two exact brows.  Also not everyone knows how to wax, they know how to shape the brows correctly according to each individual natural brow shape, forehead, nose, face shape.
THIS IS AN ART!  That is why I do not recommend brow stencils.  There is no one-size-fits-all when it gets to brow shaping.  But with Laura The Brow Queen, you can rest assured that you will know and learn the secret of this art and best tools you can use.

Eyelash Perm Training
You will be able to master this service by the end of this training.  There are different ways to perform eyelash perm.  Laura will teach you how to choose the correct rod technique, place the rods correctly according to each client eye socket and size.  Also, you will learn how to deal with difficult cases and how to solve eyelash perm mistakes.  You will learn details about where to buy the best quality products and pay the best price for them.  She will give you the ins and outs of the whole service.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Training
Eyelash perm and tinting are great add on services to any other beauty services as they can be performed simultaneously with other services.  You will earn the confidence and skills to perform these popular services. You will know the best quality products that last longer and price.