Free Custom Eyebrow Makeup Lesson With Best Eyebrow Pencil

With the purchase of Nouvelle Beauté Eyebrow Make up Kit.  Kit includes: Primer, Wonder Brow Tint, Pencil, and Brush/Applicator.  If pencil and primer purchased only, lesson will be only $20 (Individual brow lesson original price is $40)

Nouvelle Beauté Eyebrow Pencil Color Options



Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Pencil with angle brush, brushed aluminum, retractable, and waterproof.


Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Pencil

Although nowadays eyebrow microblading is the trend, it works in a similar way to a regular tattoo, it doesn't go anywhere near as deep into the skin, but it still considered a LONG TIME COMMITMENT.  Microblading can last for years.  

So, if you are not ready for that nor you don't want to go thru painful procedure, eyebrow makeup will be the best option for you.

Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Pencil with Angle Brush, Brushed Aluminum, retractable and waterproof eyebrow pencil.   

How to Apply Nouvelle Beauté Eyebrow Pencil:  Start from the inner part of your brows (thick part close to your nose) go toward the middle till the outer part of the brows (thin part).  Apply Nouvelle Beauté eyebrow pencil with short light feathery strokes - when you can barely feel the pencil. 

Nouvelle Beauté Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Usage: Use to shape, fill-in brow, and smooth the brow tint.  It is an automatic pencil with retractable mechanism. 

Are you waiting for your over-plucked or over-waxed eyebrows to grow back in?  Use Nouvelle Beauté the three-step for perfect eyebrows maker / creator system. 

  • Water resistant. 
  • All products are checked carefully before shipping. 
  • No return or exchange on makeup.     

                                    The truth about Eyebrow Stencils 

Eyebrow stencils can be used to shape the eyebrows. However, in order to have the perfect eyebrows using eyebrow stencils, a woman needs PERFECT facial features. Unfortunately, not too many of us have those "perfect" facial features. Eyebrow stencils like a cookie cutter and can't fit all individuals facial construction.  Eyebrow stencils can be very difficult to use and even in the best scenarios, the eyebrows do not end up looking authentic.    There are no two eyebrows on one individual's face that are exactly alike in symmetry, fullness, hair direction, or length.  An eyebrow can even exhibit varying hair thickness, length, and directions.  With one eyebrow, the hair can be wiry in one area soft in another, laying flat on the skin in one area but sticking out in another, and so on.  Other factors that play a role into the differing characteristics of eyebrows are the eyes and forehead, especially if the individual had previously received botox injections.  

Botox injection can cause one eyebrow to be higher than the other.  Eyebrows can be unnaturally arched and disturbingly uneven.  Our facial features, including eyes, nose, and upper jaw, change as we age. The eye sockets become larger and the angle of the bones beneath our eyebrows decrease, forming droopy, lower eyelids. As a consequence, our eyebrows become uneven and asymmetric.   If eyebrow stencils were the most effective way in shaping a woman's eyebrows, then professionals/eyebrow artists who sell and have eyebrow stencils in their eyebrow make up line, would not still be in business, charging inflated prices.  So my advise will be; is not to use eyebrow stencils.   

Get your eyebrows shaped correctly by a professorial eye brow artist, use the best eyebrows makeup for perfect eyebrows result.  

Here are just few women review examples and opinions who used eyebrow stencils:

 * Waaaaay too big! Unless you enjoy the look of lumberjack-esque eyebrows, do not buy these stencils! They are super huge and that's coming from someone with a large forehead and "big" face. Someone with a tiny face would really be repulsed. These are not dainty stencils. I prefer to freehand my eyebrows! 

 * Useless They're a bit too flimsy for me and hard to use.  

* Confusing Great idea but I had trouble using it. These work great, in theory. Simple to use and durable. It's only not so well for people who have a natural flat shape (like me) and can't fit their brows correctly or flatteringly into the stencils; it's like trying to fit a square into a round hole.


Nouvelle Beauté WonderBrow/Brow Builder - $25.00

Best Eyebrow Wax/Nouvelle Beauté WonderBrow Tint

Wonder-Brow Eyebrow Tint

If you have sparse eyebrows or just want your brows to look thicker & fuller, Wonderbrow will be the best option for you.  Wonder-brow eyebrow tint defines, and enhances brows. Wonder-brow fills brows, sets them in place and emphasizes the natural arch. Can be used alone or mixed with mineral powders to alter the shade.

Step Two

Use with Nouvelle Beauté "The Wonder Brow" The Perfect Eyebrow Tint before the use of best eyebrow pencil.

Everything you want in an eyebrow makeup applicator : quality, beauty, utility. Top quality natural hair.

How to Apply Nouvelle Beauté Eyebrow tint - Eyebrow make up kit :

First, determine your best brow shape for your face.  Apply the best eyebrow primer with the retractable brush.  Start from the inner part of your brows (thick part) go toward the middle till the outer part of the brows (thin part).  Apply Nouvelle Beauté the brow builder with short light feathery strokes - when you can barely feel the brush.  

 • Use with the retractable make-up brush for perfect brow design
 • Can be mixed together with Nouvelle Beauté mineral powder to  
    create custom color 
 • Colors and shapes brows  
 • Long-lasting hold 
 • Color can be adjusted by adding mineral shadow 
 • Smudge proof
 • Mineral based
 • Paraben Free
 • Long lasting hold - water resistant 
 • Smudge proof
 • Contain silica - good for the skin
 • Nylon gives luxurious texture for smooth, cream to powder 
   finish and for long-lasting hold
 • Silica added for oil absorption (no smudge)
 • Polyethylene helps keep product water resistant

No return or exchange on makeup.  All products are checked carefully 


Nouvelle Beauté Wonder Brow / Eyebrow Tint Color Options



Apply the tint with the retractable brush


Nouvelle Beauté Retractable Makeup Brush - $22.00


Nouvelle Beauté Retractable Makeup Brush 

Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Primer /Concealer - $21.00


Concealer/primer comes in 3 colors

Nouvelle Beauté Best Eyebrow Primer/Concealer - Color Options