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Laura's Best Skin Care System and skin philosophy is a healthy inner body equals to a healthy skin. Keep reading AMAZING INFORMATION.

The appearance of the skin contributes to the psychological needs of an individual. In our culture, a young skin contributes to beauty and social acceptance. Aged skin is an alienating factor which may minimize an individual's self-esteem.

To achieve the dream skin you always wanted, you have to be committed to yourself and Laura is dedicated to help you every step of the way.
In Laura 's philosophy, real beauty comes from within, as an outward reflection of one's physical and emotional health. But such health requires a conscious commitment. One must be willing to maintain skin care regimen, reduce stress, eat healthy, take customized nutritional supplements (Laura recommends a whole foods store for your vitamins supply), habitually avoid the sun, and get the best skin care possible, like periodic facial treatments to enforce, maintain the progress, and keep any  problem under control and as minimal as possible, to achieve the dream skin you always wanted.

Laura created a unique system to achieve the dream skin she always dreamed about, and one that gives mature skin a healthy vitality.  This system is customized regimen for each individual from Nouvelle Beaute skin care line, regular or oxygen facials, chemical peels, and a customized list of daily nutritional supplements (Laura recommends a Whole Food store for your vitamins supply) that promote energy, renew the skin, and speeds up the metabolism for faster healing.  Last but not least, stay away from heat and the sun

"It all starts with the client. My treatments work when my clients are willing to do something. When they are ready to work on their problems, only then will I be ready to work with them. When you're ready, let me know." Laura says

Her skin care method works within weeks to visibly improve adult cystic acne, oily skin, acne scars, pimples, dark spots,H uneven pigmentation, sun damage, fine wrinkles, and milia (subcutaneous cysts resembling hard, bumpy whiteheads) caused by age and tanning exposure.

However some people are more sensitive to certain food which causes breakouts, or cystic acne. 


Food Allergies

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Food Allergies - Food sensitivity

Certain foods cause breakouts and cystic acne. It is important to be aware that food allergies can manifest themselves in many ways, not all of them obvious.  The following symptoms are the most common manifestations of food allergies:  

Acne, especially pimples & oily skin on the chin around the mouth, also called cystic:

 *  acne 

*  Arthritis

*  Chest and shoulder pains

*  Watery, itchy, red eyes 

Of course there are a lot more but these are just few symptoms caused by food allergies.  

Some people are more sensitive to certain foods which cause  breakouts and/or cystic acne.  IT IS TRUE!  It is very hard to determine whether or not  you are sensitive to certain  types of food.  It is sometimes the healthy food that cause this agony!   

How do you know which foods you are allergic to?

Here are few suggestions.  Avoid the common food allergies  Do a food allergy test,  

Common food allergens

Here's the big eight of food allergies. They account for 90% of the food allergies in the US Milk and dairy products Egg allergy Peanut allergy Tree nuts Seafood allergy Shellfish allergy Soy Wheat, tomatoes, cucumber, 


From a physiological point of view all humans are allergic to at least milk and wheat. We do not have the enzymes to completely digest those foods. Hence whether you have been diagnosed with allergy or not, you are sensitive to those foods. It's simply a physiological fact.  

Laura discovered that she is very sensitive to certain food that caused her an outbreak of cystic acne such as:  Sunflower seeds, almonds, gluten, food such as oatmeal,  wheat, rye, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, arugula, and more.

The Skin Commandments1.    

1.  Know thy skin, ask Laura, the skin care specialist.

2.  Cleanse faithfully.

3. Moisturize religiously. 

4. Exfoliate to rejuvenate.

5. Don't worship the sun.

6. Honor your eyes.

7.  Keep an even tone.

8. Thou Shalt visit Laura, your skin care professional fo facial treatments.

9. Let Laura shepherd the way.

10. Be committed to thyself.  

Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Skin

1. Skipping daily sun protection.

2. Applying make-up to unwashed face.

3. Over-cleansing or stripping the skin.

4. Using products that don't suit your skin. 

5. Sleeping in make-up.

6. Smoking. 

7. Squeezing or picking pimples or cystic pimples. 

8. Ignoring product instructions. 

9. Applying skin lightening products all over the face instead of on darker areas. 

10. Using unsanitary tools and sponges or unclean hands to remove make-up


Laura's Best Skin Care System  

With Laura's skin care Nouvelle Beauté  product line, her nutrition system often within just a few weeks, the affected skin will become clear enough that her clients no longer need to wear make-up to cover up. "I believe that topical products are not the only thing that allows you to reach your goal of perfect skin," Laura says.   

The best skin care regimen should include both the best skin care product line and good old fashioned nutrition.  Therefore, it is vital to be careful of what you are feeding both yourself and your skin.    Please consult with your doctor before you start taking the suggested vitamins. 

The proper Care and Feeding of Your Skin will Take Years Off of Your Appearance

While a good skin care product line is important, beauty nutrition is vital.  Laura  is devoted to best skin care treatments such as periodic chemical peel (3-4 treatment a year) treatments, oxygen facials, microdermabrasion treatments a program of supplements and vitamins, and healthy beauty food and nutrition to nourish your skin in a way that skin care products cannot.  

The quality of nutrients that the blood supply delivers to the dermis depends on what foods eaten and supplements taken.  Good  food and supplements will detoxify and cleanse your body to help your skin remove the impurities and will also renew and tighten your pores.  

There are nutrients that you can consume alone with a good skin care regimen that will support  the growth of healthy skin.  As a result, your skin will develop an even tone, less acne, wrinkles, and of course, less sagging! Laura will go over these important nutrients in detail with each client.

Nouvelle Beauté  is a nature-based skin care products line, including the highest quality herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade, Swiss bio-extracts. 


Anti-Aging Inside & Out

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Walking Is Best For All Ages...Period! But Safety First!

Walking is one of The best combinations for Your HEALTH and skin! With Connect Me Tight, the treadmill safety waist belt, running or walking on the treadmill, is easier and safer.  Get it today!

Yoga can tone your face (facial yoga)

facial yoga? 

 Much like how we turn to yoga to tone our bodies, facial yoga helps prevent skin from drooping and sagging, keeping our face looking tight and tone as well. Facial exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your face and improve blood flow.

Due to the intensity of the routines, some beginners may find it hard to go through the exercises but it's ok if you want to try it out for yourself. Just remember that if you feel any pain, it's important to stop and rest and refrain from repeating any exercises that cause your muscles and your body to hurt. Take a break and then go again if you're feeling much better.  

Yoga & Walking Are The Best Combinations for Your HEALTH!

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                       Best skin care regimen questions & answers

Q.   What will Laura's skin care regimen will help me with?
A.   Acne-oily prone skin, cystic acne, acne scars, sun damage/dark spots, 
       and  fine to some deep wrinkles.

Q.   What products will be suitable for my skin type?
A.   In the first visit, Laura will examine your skin and determine the problems. She will collect a great deal of information about your previous skin care routines, food you eat, supplements and medications (if you are taking any), hobbies, habits, and family history of skin problems.

Q.  What should I expect, or what is the realistic expectation?
A.  No-adult female has flawless baby skin, due to several factors such as: 
      *  Sensitivity to certain food
      *  Wrong skin care products
      *  Wrong make-up 
      *  Daily stress
      *  Lack of exercise
      *  Lack of sleep
      *  Sickness
      *  Medications 
      *  Hormones imbalance
      *  Environmental pollution
      *  Toxic air
      *  Smoking
      *  The sun
      *  Not wearing protective clothing (long sleeves, hat, etc)
      *  Not using sunscreen-SPF (sun protection factor)
      *  The aging process
      *  Genetic    

But with Laura's skin care regimen, your skin's youthful vitality will be restored. Your skin will improve to the point that you will look as if you've never had skin problem. Your breakouts will be very minimal and under control, wrinkles will be smoother (almost invisible), and you'll  have an even-tone skin.  Your skin will look and feel fresh and younger looking.

Q.  I have deep pitted acne scars or chicken pox scars or fine to deep wrinkles, can you help with that?
A.   Yes!  If we start with acne condition, we need to get rid of acne first, then we work on the texture of the skin by facial skin needling / skin resurfacing. With microdermabasion, chemical peel, oxygen facial treatments, we will reach the OPTIMUM RESULT which firmer, smoother, glowing skin.

Q.  How long is my first and following appointments ?
A.  First, it is about an hour and half.  Following appointments are between 30-45 minutes.

Q.  How will I determine that Laura's system will work for me? Will  there be any guarantees regarding the level of improvement?
A.   In the initial appointment, Laura will customize a chemical peel treatment for your skin type and prepare your skin for your daily home regimen.  She will perform deep exfoliation, hydration, and extractions (if needed) .

Laura will send you home with everything you need including products,  list of vitamins, and a list of food you should eat.  With daily usage of the skin care  products, vitamins, and  more healthy diet, you should have between 40%-60% skin improvement in the first 2 weeks.