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Laura's Biography & her own skin problems
"The Brow Queen" grew up in Cairo Egypt, in a Christian family. She was the daughter of Rofail Hanna, better known as the musician "Rafla," famed player of the Egyptian santoor, a stringed instrument. Thus, beauty and harmony were always a part of her life, from her earliest memories. Earlier in her life, Laura's career was in the banking industry. She is married and is the mother of two sons, with whom she stayed home for a few years while they were young. However in her 40s, with her children grown up, Laura yearned for a new challenge, a new career. She became a licensed cosmetologist and began working as an esthetician, performing spa services and beauty treatments. 

Around the same time, she began dealing with the type of skin problems that many women experience during the time of their mid-life hormonal changes. She never had trouble with her complexion in her youth.  Suddenly, Laura was struggling with severe adult acne, acne scars, sun damage skin , melasma-uneven pigmentations or dark spots, common problems among pregnant women and fine wrinkles appearing around her eyes, mouth and forehead. The adult acne was most distressing of all. She sought dermatological help and she also tried the most expensive professional skin care line at the cosmetic counters, however all was to no avail!

Laura discovered that she is more sensitive to certain food ingredients that caused her cystic acne.

Laura "The Brow Queen" became terribly self-conscious and stressed-out about her skin problems. She felt conspicuous and unattractive to the point of despair. But she soon realized that many of her clients were enduring the same sort of mid-life skin problems. They were struggling with the same loss of confidence she was experiencing. Laura knew that if she could find a way to have the dream skin she always hoped for, she could then help her clients do the same.

Laura experimented on herself natural skin-care products such as acne treatment, fading cream, wrinkles and crow's feet treatment from Nouvelle Beauté , the natural skin care product line, and use spa beauty skin services and beauty treatments, such as, facials, chemical peels, specially customized for the adult acne, acne scars, sun damage, fine wrinkles, meanwhile improving her diet and combining that with specific nutritional supplements, to find which ones best helped her skin problems, to heal, and renew itself.

Over time, she refined her system.. Eventually she created a unique regimen, to achieve the dream skin she always dreamed about, and one that gives mature skin a healthy vitality. This system includes a best customized skin care routine for each individual from the natural skin care product line Nouvelle Beauté skin care line, facials, chemical peels, and a customized list of daily nutritional supplements (Laura recommends a Whole Food store for your vitamins supply) that promote energy, renew the skin, and speeds up the metabolism for faster healing.  Last but not least, stay away from heat and the SUN PERIOD!

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Client Review:

Deborah from Rowlett, for brow shaping, waxing, and skin care:
"She completely reshaped my brows.  I got hold  of them one day and went little crazy, (NOT GOOD).  she made me grow them out and reshaped them, and that's why I won't go to anyone else.  I also had a pigmentation problem around my chin and nose.  But last May I started doing chemical peels and using Laura's best facial skin care products, and within 4 or 5 months, the problem was gone.  she has me on the vitamins and glycolic face cream.  I told all my friends and family members about her.  I wrote an e-mail to all of them to let them know how Laura has really changed my life...she completely got rid of my dark spots on skin  around my chin and nose due to sun and pregnancy and she also recommended her best eye cream for wrinkles.  She really LOVES what she does....she will mix together exactly what you need for your face, she is kinda like a little chemist with her stuff !  She got me on a 4 steps routine just good to get the old dead skin cells off and keep it fresh, also great for anti-aging.  I have tried things like Arbonne and other products, but I really feel like you are paying for the Arbonne name.  She gave me her natural skin care line, acne skin care which I think this the best treatment for acne scars.  She is really super sweet and great at what she does.  I have been totally and completely satisfied with everything  she's done.  If you aren't sticking to what she tells you, she will get on you about it ...she is a serious business!"

Client Review:

Stephanie from Dallas, skin care, brow shaping, airbrush tanning:
Laura has done wonders for my skin. One of my friends has been a client of hers for several years & she sent out an e-mail singing her praises and telling everyone about Laura "The brow Queen" best skin care regimens in Dallas, TX.  So I thought I’d give her a try. I had been using ProActiv for several years for my acne problems, but it wasn’t working. My skin was dry & oily. I had terrible pigmentation, skin discoloration, brown spots on skin all over my face & the texture was awful, although I was using ProActiv faithfully.

I had to wear a lot of makeup just to try to cover up some of the problems. My skin was so oily so bad that I didn’t even open the front door without makeup on. I spent several hours with Laura on my first visit. She had a lot of work to do. I was a little skeptical at first because I had tried everything & nothing had worked, but she came highly recommended so I followed the personalized best natural skin care regimen exactly as Laura said (she even made me write it down).

I took my vitamins & used my daily regimen and routine as recommended and I could tell a difference after a couple of weeks & she became a miracle worker after a couple of months. I started going for a chemical peel / facial every two weeks & am now only going once a month. My acne scars & pigmentation problems, brown spots on skin are gone. I no longer have to wear makeup & it is a great feeling. I have also tried several of the other services she offers. I love the eyelash perm & airbrush tan. She took my uneven eyebrows & made them look wonderful.
Laura is the sweetest person & what I love most about her is her honesty. I have recommended her to friends, family & to strangers who have complimented me on how great my skin looks. She is the best at what she does & she does it with such a passion.