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Since starting Laura’s skin regimen, my skin has never looked better.  I have had trouble with acne since I was a teenager, and initially sought help from a dermatologist.  After being on topical creams and damaging antibiotics for years, my skin just never improved.  When I met Laura, I was still struggling with acne at the age of 30, and I was feeling very discouraged and self-conscious about the way I looked.  Laura took the time to talk with me about my concerns and her comprehensive approach to skincare.  We discussed my diet and lifestyle, and she helped me get started on a whole new skincare regimen.   Laura customized my skincare treatment to my specific needs, and I began using her Nouvelle Beauté skincare and makeup products which have made a huge difference.  I love Laura’s Nouvelle Beaute makeup products because I know I’m using makeup that will not cause further damage or breakouts to my skin. The Nouvelle Beaute concealer is my favorite, and I never go anywhere without it!  It has been one year since I started Laura’s skincare regimen and began using Nouvelle Beauté products, and my skin looks the best it ever has. As my skin has improved, I feel better about myself and have more self-confidence.  I love the Nouvelle Beauté products, and although I no longer live in Dallas, I make special trips for appointments with Laura!”

Today is our 11-year anniversary! 11 years ago today I was a wreck. You helped me. And I can't thank you enough.
Thanks so much!
Happy Anniversary!

Carolyn from Dallas, Skin care, brow shaping;  
 If you are having problems with your skin, Laura is the person to see.  She really works miracles.  My face is a miracle that she has created.  Look at the pictures, they speak for themselves.
My friend, Stephanie from Dallas, began seeing Laura several months ago.  I began to notice that the blemishes on her face really cleared up, without scarring, and the texture improved drastically.  Actually, her face appeared as smooth as a baby's.
I have suffered with enlarged, clogged pores and outbreaks of adult acne prone skin for about 10 years.  My skin was oily and my pores were large.  I had been to dermatologists and had been treated with Retin A, Differins and a few other medications.  They helped to improve the acne outbreak but did nothing for the texture  nor for the skin discoloration - sun damage which like brown spots om skin.  I have tried MANY different cleansers, creams that "shrink pores."  All of these cleansers and creams were expensive and guaranteed to "work."  They didn't. 
After seeing Stephanie's improvements, and with encouragement from Stephanie, I decided to give Laura a try, but I didn't have high expectations.  I just thought of it as something fun to do.  Stephanie told me before I went to see her that Laura was extremely serious about her work and that if you didn't commit to doing what she told you, she wouldn't work with you.  She told me that Laura was fun and informative but very serious about her work with her client's faces.  So I went in to see her.
I found out that Laura is absolutely delightful - but she takes what she does very seriously.  On my first visit, she thoroughly examined my face (and exclaimed over the hugeness of my pores - :-), exclaimed over how clogged up they were (I already knew this!!!) but told me she could fix it - but informed me that she was going to use very drastic treatment on me and would depend on me to do everything she told me to do.  I agreed.  So during that first visit, she gave me a mild skin peel, cleaned my skin and showed me how to use her skin care system, my acne scar treatment and sun damaged skin treatment which is her natural skin care line that she set up for me.  I went home with a sack full of natural skin care beauty products, a list of vitamins to take to not only address my face issues but also an autoimmune issue I have, and a list of how to apply the products.  I thought, this is great and my face feels wonderful.  Then Laura informed me that this was just the start - the real work would begin on my second visit.

On my second visit she gave me a strong peel.  Then she told me to stay out of the sun, expect to peel - a lot.  The next morning I began to peel.  I peeled for 2 days.  I diligently used Laura's professional natural skin care products.  I thought the peeling would never end - but it did.  The results were UNBELIEVABLE.  My skin was tighter, much less oily and my pores were smaller.  With subsequent visits, my pores have become unclogged, many fewer blackheads and my pores continue to shrink and my crow's feet are gone after I use my daily regimen and routine.

Gretchen from Dallas-Skin Care:
I am a 43 years old plane Jane; have been all my life. I reached post menopause and my face decided to break out really bad. I found Laura and called for a facial and for advice on what to do about the acne and oily skin. I simply wanted to have a healthier face, 
Something inside said, just go ahead and do it.  My first appointment with Laura was at the beginning of December.  In the first appointment, she spent 2 hours with me, she had lots work!   After the first two weeks, I decided to continue with her skin care regimen.  I think Nouvelle Beaute is one of the best natural skin care brands I have ever tried  I’ve come this far and I hardly ever spend money on myself.  My husband also noticed my skin and said, I looked better and that I should follow through with what I started.
Laura was wonderful through all of this, very patient and kind with me.  I had concerns that it wasn’t worth all of the effort but still I did what she told me to do and kept going.
Laura not only taught me about how to take care of my face, but also explained about how the things I eat can affect my face (as well as the rest of my body). I had been trying to eat healthier and studying about how to do that, she simply filled in some areas that I had not learned about yet. It is now just a little less than 3 months since I met Laura. My acne is cleared up, I have stopped picking my face (a fact that my husband is thrilled about!), and I am healthier. But the thing that surprised me most is that I look younger and prettier.  One of the smart choices I have ever made in life is to use her brand Nouvelle Beaute which I consider one of the best professional skin care lines by far.   Nouvelle beaute is a natural skin care line which Laura and her chemist created.  Nouvelle beaute is best to treat acne scars which i consider it  to be the best acne product.   Thank you Laura for encouraging me to take better care of myself!

Jennifer from Plano, for skin care:
You wouldn’t believe how many “miracle fixes” I’ve tried over the past 12 years to try and cure acne and acne scars. I must say I was hesitant when Laura first began the procedure. However, a friend recommended me and I felt obligated to give it a chance. At this point, I had really given up on the idea of ever having clear skin. I had been to doctor after doctor that would put me on product after product with no luck. I’ve blamed my acne on chocolate, that time of the month, stress, EVERYTHING! Then I would spend my time trying to camouflage my acne scars and brown spots on skin with loads of make-up and concealer. Then one day a good friend looked at me and said, “Why do you always wear so much make-up?” I had the answer although I didn’t want to say it then. I was in my late twenties and because of all the foundation and make-up, people mistakenly took me to be much older (not a good thing!).
I constantly wore my hair down so that I didn’t draw attention to my skin. My confidence lacked, I was embarrassed. Embarrassed to be almost 30 years old and have the skin of a 15 year old teenager. So embarrassing that it was frustrating!
Laura put me on a very easy to follow home skin care regimen after she performed best acne scar treatment on me.  She give me Nouvelle Beaute her natural skin care brands.  To my surprise two weeks after the first treatment, and my daily regime and routine, I already saw a huge difference. My husband, bless his heart. I know he used to lie and tell me, “Honey, your skin doesn’t bother me and I think you look beautiful.” About a month after first seeing Laura my husband said, “Wow, it is amazing how clear your skin is! You look great!” 
You cannot imagine the frustration I’ve had and the hundreds of dollars wasted on acne products that never helped my acne scars.  I still don’t know what exactly Laura does; all I know is that it works!
Now, three months after the first  acne scar treatment and try Laura the brow queen's best skin care regimen in Dallas, TX.  I wear nothing on my skin when I walk out of the door, except for sunscreen. It is so invigorating to walk out the door with my hair in a pony tail and nothing on my face. It is so fun to get ready in the morning faster than it takes my husband. A few months ago, I took my makeup bag that was filled with all my makeup everywhere (just in case I had to cover up in the middle of the day). Today, I still take my make-up bag everywhere, but now it’s filled with my sunscreen, acne scar treatment, moisturizer, and my favorite lip gloss.
I’ve had many people ask, “You look so good, what are you doing differently?” I just smile because I know that nothing has changed except for my skin, not to mention my confidence level. You will be so excited the first time you hear Laura say, “Where did all the pimples go? I thought you were here for acne. Where did they go?”
I recommend Laura to everyone I see! I am so thankful my friend recommended me and blessed that Laura has finally found the “miracle fix” for acne. 

Laura S. from Dallas - Skin Care

I first met Laura in February 2013. My sister had been going to Laura for her eyebrows and made them look beautiful before her wedding day. I had been struggling with skin problems with my face and my sister told me that Laura could help me. I always had the most beautiful skin growing up. In my 20's my face would break out and I would tend to pick at my blemishes. From years of this, my face had developed generalized redness and acne scars. On my first appointment with Laura, she made me feel very comfortable and assured me that she could get my face cleared up and looking like my normal self again. She helped me to get the haircut that would allow my face to be covered while I was undergoing my acne scars treatment. I think that was the best treatment for acne scars.  This haircut for me was getting thick bangs to cover the redness on my forehead. Laura gave me a facial on my first appointment and gave me a strict routine to follow of using all of her natural skin care, best acne products daily. She gave me her Nouvelle Beaute Natural skin care products and they are amazing. I would highly recommend them to everyone. I wrote them down and followed them consistently for 2 months. After 2 months I went back to her and could already see a dramatic difference in my face. The redness was gone and we are only working on a few more spots that are still noticeable now. I have gone from wearing a lot of makeup to cover all of my blemishes up to only wearing light powder that I bought from Laura. I have received many compliments on how great my face looks now and am looking forward to my future best skin acne treatments to help me to get back to my old skin again. Laura has been so encouraging for me and has been a cheerleader for me through this all. She never judges your situation, she only wants to help. She has a huge heart- a heart of gold and only wants what is best for her clients! She treats every client the same and that's what I really love!Thank you, Laura for all of your help.